Urban Veil welcomes newest member

Tia Ervin a.k.a. the WEDucator has signed on as the host to guide brides through the wedding process without the hard sell of other sources.  What impressed me the most was her genuine concern for brides to make "their day", the best it can be regardless of their budget.  Now we have heard that sentiment enough to make it a cliche, but the difference is she only focuses on teaching brides and planners, she does not do wedding planning herself anymore.  This allows brides to effectively absorb her information without the defense of, "Okay how much is she going to ask for?"  And planners can now feel free to approach her without worrying if she is the competition and/or drop the pretense of "Oh, I'm as busy as ever.  My work speaks for itself and I need assistants  to help and so on and so on..."  Glad to have her on board. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly and my interviewer professional resume writers near me in https://resume-chief.com/ made me feel very comfortable.