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Faulty analogy this is the error of assuming that two circumstances or things are similar in all important respects, when in fact they are not.

Wedding of the Month

The vast majority of wedding highlights and clips focus on the brides.  Today, we highlight the fellas. Read more


Pilot episode in distribution

We have just launched our latest production, b. Free TV.  The goal of this project is to raise awareness of healthy hair care for b. Freestyle Beauty Lounge.   Read more

Vendor Spotlight: MORE catering

Jill Merriett of MORE catering was the focus of this vendor highlight.  She provided all the great food for a corporate event we were producing. Read more

Vendor Spotlight: Jenkins-Rose

Jenkins-Rose was a vendor spotlight for an event we were documenting.  This was one in a series of videos used to market the event to profile what treats attendees could look forward to. Read more