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Faulty analogy this is the error of assuming that two circumstances or things are similar in all important respects, when in fact they are not.

June issue of Freestyle magazine on iTunes Newsstand

In this issue for June 2013:  Find your personal best hair color.  Secrets to staying married for 50 years.  Get teeth pearly white the natural way. Uncover cancer fighting fruits.  Eat your way to better skin. What are the top 3 healthiest diets around?   Zum verhltnis von mehrsprachigkeit und metasprachlichem wissen.

December issue of Freestyle Magazine on Newsstand

In this issue for December 2012: Learn why you should be washing your face with oil. Lose weight by snacking. The link between food and anxiety. We feature an interview with Jamie Foxx and his new film. We also want your opinon on Danielle LaPorte. In bachelorarbeit unternehmen schreiben der reihe deutschunterricht in theorie und praxis, band 9.

November Issue on Newsstand

We decided to try and shake things up a bit this month.  We have made this month's issue free.  As a result over 200 issues were "bought" this month in the newsstand.  Going to try and see what the conversion rate will be going forward with the incorporation of "free" issues. I was interviewed do my homework for me by an alumni of the school.

Urban Veil has a launch date

Things are coming together for the new wedding planning education site.  We've been assembling content feverishly.  Tia has been on-set doing her hostess thing.  So finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Times have changed how brides plan their weddings today.  Urban Veil is a reflection of that new direction. We met at a cafe near the order essay within alumni's work place.

Urban Veil welcomes newest member

It's been a productive month for the Urban Veil initiative.  Tracey Brown Photography has come aboard so look for her great images to enhance the message.   The interviewer was academic writing service to only exposed to my cv.

Urban Veil welcomes newest member

Tia Ervin a.k.a. the WEDucator has signed on as the host to guide brides through the wedding process without the hard sell of other sources.  What impressed me the most was her genuine concern for brides to make "their day", the best it can be regardless of their budget.  Now we have heard that sentiment enough to make it a cliche, but the difference is she only focuses on teaching brides and planners, she does not do wedding planning herself anymore.  This allows brides to effectively absorb her information without the defense of, "Okay how much is she going to ask for?"  And planners can now feel free to approach her without worrying if she is the competition and/or drop the pretense of "Oh, I'm as busy as ever.  My work speaks for itself and I need assistants  to help and so on and so on..."  Glad to have her on board. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly and my interviewer professional resume writers near me in made me feel very comfortable.

September Issue now available

We continue to grow the magazine and subscriber base.  We have started initial discussions to bring on contributors that align with the mission of the magazine.   We started with the regular questions walk me through your cv, long term and short term goals, academic essay services do I prefer to work within a team or alone, do I prefer large companies or small companies, tell me about a mistake and what did you learned and why fuqua.

A New Season is Coming...

We will be spearheading the marketing of a high performance training system, developed by Coach Brian Smith. Afterward I asked my interviewer a few questions.

Freestyle Magazine has launched

The initial launch of the magazine was a success.  As evidenced by the screenshot below, Apple thought so too.  We are also welcoming our newest contributor to the magazine.  Laura's Closet and Miss Fitbliss organics. Subscribe here. ghostwriter in Stay tuned, we have since put 2 more projects in development.  Premier 1 sports and The Urban Veil.  

Digital Magazine Launch

Continuing with our evolution to a digital media entertainment company, we are launching our first Apple product,  Freestyle magazine.  b. Freestyle salon continues to be our proving ground to be a complete marketing solution for any concept.  This completes the digital marketing wheel for the salon.  We are producing the following marketing initiatives:
  1. Itunes Video Podcast
  2. Itunes Podcast
  3. b. Free TV(on bliptv & Youtube)
  4. Salon Newsletter
  5. Social Media Avenues(Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, etc.)
  6. Digital Magazine(see below)
writing paper to This next initiative will be available soon on Apple newsstand(currently waiting on Apple approval).