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Issue 2 of Drill Magazine Available on iTunes Newsstand NOW!

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Episode 3: P01 Sports iTunes Podcast has been released!

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  Orphan Studios presents P01 Sports' newest podcast: Running Back Drills.   Your running back drills must emphasize a correct first step to simulate offensive plays and strategies.  For example, if your offense runs off tackle then your drills should place the running back in position to take an initial play side step at an angle or a crossover step to mimic sweeps or zone stretch plays.  Analyze your playbook and decide which plays will be emphasized when creating your running back drills.

Orphan Studios Presents it Newest Production for P01 Sports

Athlete training for coaches and athletes... By coaches and athletes. Samsung has best cell phone spyware always been open about acknowledging through its ads that it sees apple as its prime competitor, but the ads have gradually moved away from making fun of apple customers to mocking apple's products.

Episode 2: P01 Sports Podcast has been released!

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Orphan Studios presents episode #2 of P01 Sports iTunes podcast: The Truth About Sport Specific Training. Is there really such thing as a sport specific training program? This podcast will teach you what you need to know about sport specific training programs.


Orphan Studios presents its new project for P01 Sports: Drill Magazine


Drill Magazine: Coaching and training tips for coaches and athletes, by coaches and athletes. Get your inaugural  issue of Drill Magazine, available on iTunes Newsstand! Click the banner above to visit iTunes.

IN THIS ISSUE: VIDEO: Wide Receiver Drills Top LBs WRs, and RBs in Class of 2015 Mobile App Will Impact College Recruiting Alabama Signee Prepares for Next Step

Episode 1 P01 Sports Podcast Released

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Orphan Studios debuts P01 Sports: Wide Receiver Drills

P01 Sports: Student athlete training for coaches. Note that forums operate and are formatted type my essay differently than yahoo groups.

A New Season is Coming...

We will be spearheading the marketing of a high performance training system, developed by Coach Brian Smith. Afterward I asked my interviewer a few questions.